A special ROSE has helped me to do a better job on showing you my family's slide-show.

A special ROSE has helped me to do a better job on showing you my family's slide-show.
Unfortunatly this blog doesn't show the viewing screen full-width. However, I've got a full screen version for you if you'll just click onto this Rose. The Rose will transport you to my blog called 'All Happy Talk'. This blog was created for those who have young children; who want ideas - who enjoy creating happy times with their children and family. If you'll click the Rose, you'll go through 'space'. When you get there, take 1 to 2 seconds to scroll to the bottom of that much shorter 'blog', and you'll see the beautiful pictures; and relax among the grassy lawn I've put there for you. After the first 4 songs on 'All Happy Talk', the rest of the 90 melodies are what I use to relax with; often to fall asleep to. I hope you enjoy your visit here, and there. Diane

I'm glad you came to visit! My children welcome you. Enjoy the music & the photo-show.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My family came to the USA in 1631 - we feel very fortunate to be here, indeed...

I hope you enjoy your visit to Sixty-Five-Alive. I hope each that reads this 'blog' is healthy; happy, and as proud of their country, as I am of mine.
I wanted to leave the link to one of my favorite books; I feel so lucky, it's 'on-line' - and that I found it 45 years ago because I believe it made a great difference in how I saw life, and how I've lived it.
This link is to my 'family' and some dear friends - a bit of my life....http://www.photoshow.com/watch/ts5nh4Ae

Monday, April 21, 2008

An artist's gift to me; his sugar bowl - before & after I polished it a bit....

In memory of my dear friend, Richard Volpe - he passed 12/19/1985....it was in the spring, when I first met him.....
If it hadn't been for a wonderful
66-year old man who lives in Delaware, I don't think it would have occurred to
me to now and again, put up a memory about someone that was special to me, and
no longer lives on this earth.
I felt the blog was finished with
the great picture of my children (a few entries below this one). Then my
son Thomas called; he sparked another memory of someone in our family who lived
over 150 years ago - someone that most of the world knows
Well in Laguna Beach, California
most people know about Richard - his art-works were some of the best, and so
many flocked to get his latest pieces.
I met Richard at a coffee shop in
San Juan Capistrano; by accident - and was ever so grateful for that
spring day when I'd decided to visit the mission there. I had my rented
books on Father Serra, and while I later saw the sketch of Father Serra and
realized he didn't look like Richard, my first glance at Richard made me think
how much like a 'priest' he appeared ... slight of build - tanned, and soulful
eyes that looked so wise.
Over the next 9 months before he died, we spent days and evenings together - his wisdom was profound.
While having tea at his home near
the end of his life, he offered me a few of his paintings. While I knew I
wanted the one of his giraffe that hung by his entry-way, I also knew that his
only source of paying his high cost of medical bills, was going to be the
inventory of art that would be sold to pay that debt.
I told Richard we had to be
practical - we talked about his financial situation - suddenly, he got up from
the davenport, and walked to the sugar-bowl; he dumped the sugar into a glass,
and handed me the old bowl. He told me of his memories about the bowl -
said '...this won't be worth anything - take this,
As I sat by the fireplace, I rocked in Richard's beautiful rocker; a log was my foot-rest; Richard said he'd found that because he was so short, his feet never touched the floor when he rocked, and he needed something to 'push away' with.
How I wish Richard were still here; he was born the same year as my mother. If Richard were rocking and talking in that chair, I could fill a blog about his life - I could type for him; I could put some of his words of wisdom up on his behalf.
So, this blog might have new entries after all.....
Then as I was thinking of Richard
- putting up this photo of the sugar-bowl he gave me, an e-mail came in, and I
saw a series of photos of 'new life' - in Ten Watt!
I thought about Sandy - this is
her latest foal; she lost one of her precious horses to death in January of
2008. I thought about her words that she wrote in her 'story' titled 'She
Carried Me'.....
I thought about all that Sandy is
- an extra-ordinary artist; she manages a large office complex, and handles the
rigors of a large horse farm - tireless at her age, and
Now we have 'new life' - we have
spring; all of us have had losses; hurts, and yet many
I think it's time to now introduce
this delightful foal - and for you to make a visit to Sandy's web-site to see
more of the glory of life and some of her memories as
well. After you take a peek at Ten Watt (below), visit the web-site; see where she romps with so many other beautiful horses....http://rollingsranch.com

Is this not the most beautiful? Sandy's newest foal - TEN-WATT!!

I'll make this entry short - you need to visit Sandy's website; her art is incredible - her horses are beautiful, and this marvelous woman is just the dearest person to me.....visit her web-site @ http://rollingsranch.com
I must confess something: I lived in Cincinnati for
7 years; I always thought of 'horses' being from Kentucky....but I
learned. In fact, I live in the state of Nevada where wild horses are
abundant - and run free...
Well, I've learned - and yet I
still enjoy the beautiful art of one man - who did live and paint, in that area of Kentucky & Ohio. Learning is wonderful, don't you think?
If you like soft; gentle art
pieces - the kind that 'speak to you' quietly, try
this link: http://www.frankfortblueprint.com/paul.html

Saturday, April 19, 2008

"Over-soul" is understood as the collective indivisible Soul, of which all individual souls or identities are included...

In the words of Emerson: "We live in succession, in division, in parts, in particles. Meantime within man is the soul of the whole; the wise silence; the universal beauty, to which every part and particle is equally related, the eternal ONE. And this deep power in which we exist and whose beatitude is all accessible to us, is not only self-sufficing and perfect in every hour, but the act of seeing and the thing seen, the seer and the spectacle, the subject and the object, are one. We see the world piece by piece, as the sun, the moon, the animal, the tree; but the whole, of which these are shining parts, is the soul."

SIXTY-FIVE-ALIVE...a bit of my 'family tree' & other beautiful things...

One of my very favorite blogs - so much about 'everything'! Try it out - I think you'll make it one of your favorites too! http://tippinthescales.wordpress.com/

"Well, Reese - neither did you get my handsome nose..."

...and I beg to differ with you about those ears of yours...."

I was going through some of the Emerson letters - RWE was my great grandmother's uncle...

I thought 'no more posts' on this 'blog', until my son called me today, and told me all about enjoying SELF RELIANT by Ralph Waldo Emerson. He said: "Hey, mom - I said to myself...I'm related to this guy..."

Yes, that's true; we're fortunate to have a few of Emerson's letters - a few books, and photos that we all cherish.

My son, Thomas, reminded me that Emerson was the first
American author that really addressed all aspects of human life; life itself,
and his writings are held in high regard by many to this day.

Well, I figured I should 'bone up' on that book since I'd read portions of it years ago. To my delight, I found it right here - thanks to the I-net...what a joy!

You can check this out too: http://www.emersoncentral.com/selfreliance.htm
Having met Thomas Carylyle in his travels, Emerson began to explore the philosophical standpoint of Idealism, in which the natural world is one and the same as the mental world. Whether "Orion is up there in heaven, or some god paints the image in the firmament of the soul" does not affect the truth of nature. The mind arises from the same divine source as the natural world so religious opposition to science would be fallacious.
Note: What a nice surprise in the comment - wish the person would have not posted anonymously - might have found a 'shirt-tale' relative....
Anonymous said...
Emerson was a wise sage. Interestingly enough, although related through our mother's side, this writing has the insight that our father understood. The depth and vision....thanks be to the SOUL!
April 22, 2008 4:26 AM

Friday, April 18, 2008

Okay, so no mother who's '65-alive', can complete a blog, without bragging about her kids!

I promise, I won't do one of those 'brag endessly about the kids' entry; just look - this is what makes me so very much 'sixty-five-alive'...and what a wonderful bunch of children I have I think! ....now this blog is complete...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sixty-Five-Alive wouldn't be a completed 'blog', if this wasn't placed here to honor my husband!

My husband served 20 years in the Marines - he did 2 tours of duty in Viet Nam. This is my husband; flying his plane - his 'buddies' gave it to him when he retired.
Among the many medals my husband
received, I think he might be most proud of the Distinguished Flying Cross
Let me write part of the words used in the newspaper article that features his photo as he receives his award - standing tall; saluting.....
Stevens was credited with saving
the lives of a helicopter crew on July 10, 1966, when its aircraft was downed
and under heavy Viet Cong fire.
Landing his helicopter in the
midst of the fire-swept area, Stevens maintained his position under heavy fire
until all members of the crew were safely aboard the
Despite being low on fuel after
the rescue, he volunteered for a medical evacuation
His citation read (in part):
Captain Stevens - superior aeronautical skill, initiative, and concern for the
welfare of his fellow Marines....
Proud to be an American indeed - just proud to be a brave and caring person - in any country, this man would have done the same thing for his comrades.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Fort Custer where my father trained for WWII

I was pretty little when I remember my father dressed in his Army uniform. Mom and I would travel to Fort Hood in Killeen, Texas to visit dad when he came home on leave.
A dear friend of mine sent me the greatest link today - it has pictures of
penny post-cards that my parents and grandparents used to send all those years
Each state has a few shown; all are listed by
county. Maybe you'd like to look up a 'memory' from this

Monday, April 7, 2008


When I took this photo, we were scouting all over Arizona - darn, I doubt I'll ever find this again, but THIGS-BEAR wants me to try. I guess we'll add that to our vacation plans for the Grand Canyon - April is full of fun; as is May.
It's great when you
retire, and take care of your health so you
can truly enjoy those 'twilight
I think this rock looks
like a bear, and so does THIGS...
We spend a lot of time at the Grand
Canyon - about 3 hours from where we live. If you're thinking about a trip, use
this link as I've always done - it gives me the updated 'rules and regulations'
... helps you plan your trip safely if you've never been to the Canyon

We'll also be shooting photos on Saturday, April 26, 2008 right here! The map above my photo of the 'bear rock' (as I call it), shows where you can find thousands of beautiful rock formations, and the Antelope Canyon in Page, Arizona.

You can see about 94,ooo photos - it's going to be hard for us to find one that's an 'original' - enjoy! http://images.google.com/images?sourceid=navclient&gfns=1&ie=UTF-8&q=ANTELOPE+CANYON&um=1

Saturday, April 5, 2008


Loving this 'blog' stuff - great way to take some of those favorite book-marks, and 'share' with others. My newest blog is a 'challenge' - I like challenges. I'll add to that one when I get time - too much 'blogging' takes me away from getting outside; traveling, and doing other things that don't involve sitting at a computer.

Another challenge? Trying to
cram as many photos as I can into one 'place'. This is me, my husband -
and my son; his wife - 2 of my many grand-children...squint,

Another challenge - each TUESDAY
AFTERNOON - not really a 'challenge', I guess when I decided to feature a few of
Robin Urton's beautiful art pieces. It's definitely not hard
I'm reading how other people enjoy their retirement - here's a lady who's having fun:
"There's A Place For Us" - not the song from West-Side Story, but a site all ready for us 'older folk':
In fact, I'm heading 'over the hill' to read some of the 'bloggers' now.....
Oh yes - and I found another interesting link - it tells me about any incident (such as a fire in our state; any type of 'threat' that is helpful, at this link. You can enter your state; your location - and get the same information about your immediate area. Pretty nifty - makes me feel even better when I wonder about things such as the fire we missed by about 24 hours, in the Grand Canyon this past week.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Where I'm spending my time, now that this 'blog' is almost complete...

Today it seemed right to add this entry as I complete my 'blog', by putting the picture of my dad and mom right here!
I'm working on a 'mama memory' web-site that will let all of us kids write our memories about mother; dad, and other family member we love. Dad left us in May of 1993 - Mom overcame her recent bout of cancer, and is 'going strong'.
I hope you'll visit me - and more members of my family at: http://theycallherbreezy.blogspot.com.
Please see the rest of my family at the photo-show link I've listed on this page.
As you visit here, you'll find music; art, poetry - friends of mine that are extremely talented, and living life to the fullest.
I've enjoyed 65 terrific years - I wish the same, and more to anyone who comes by to say hello.
I've started another blog that I like a lot - it's focused on family & children - crafts and ways to enjoy your time with each other, and not spend way too much money doing it! http://allhappytalk.blogspot.com
The links I've left here, are the
ones I use to guide me through my daily life - health; inspiration, and keeping
current with what's happening in the world we all share.
Thank you for stopping

Monday, March 31, 2008


Here's an example of one of the many artists I've located on the web. Can you believe this is not a photograph? I simply had to visit Linda's web-site - I think you'll agree with me when you take a look at her recent works. She's done a drawing of Marilyn Monroe that is one of the most beautiful (I also have a small picture of her work further down on this web-site). She's also done several of Clay Aiken that are stunning. http://imaginee08.blogspot.com.

When you visit the site of Sandie Smith, you also won't believe that all the paintings of her many horses are really paintings - they look like photographs. http://rollingsranch.com.

The illustrations by Kate Wiggins are charming and heart-warming; I think she should illustrate children's books - even have her own 'photo-column' in a newspaper; what a delight she is! http://katedwiggins.blogspot.com.

I have pieces of Robin Urton's art; I love her 'Buddah-Being" (you can find a print of this further down on this page). http://eyeconart.net.

Robin also puts her art on cards and pendants - great gifts for Mom's Day.

Linda has postal cards and prints that are so reasonably priced; she also does commission work - you can get prices from her directly.

This is my last post for about 8 weeks - these are links as part of my gift to you. I've also left all the mom's a Mother's Day card - and a small poem of my own; enjoy.

Have a great April & May - I'll have more time in June to make a new entry - or maybe this is quite enough...this blog has gotten pretty 'filled up'.

I've put some of my recipes on a new blog - using my daughter's photos and her darling dog, to 'author' those entries; Dexter-dog is a darling. http://dexterspeoplerecipes.blogspot.com.

How I keep slender; foods - recipes, and various links and ideas for staying healthy are now at http://dietandmusic4weightloss.blogspot.com.

Re-entered my poetry at: http://poeticjustismine.blogspot.com.

Some of my 'women talk' is at: http://wowanswers1.blogspot.com.

I love my latest blog because it lets me put up information and ideas for children and families; you can find that at: http://allhappytalk.blogspot.com.

A few more recipes are found at: http://fivewaychili.blogspot.com. No, the Cincinnati chili recipe isn't up there yet - I'm saving that for another day, but there is a recipe very similar to that recipe that's super yummy.

Enjoy - music; art - good food, and healthy eating - what more can you want? Okay, happy talk - and for me, that's just about all I need in my life.

Take care - Diane


For our daughters:
"From button nose to twinkly toes
we watch from rosebud to the rose
our darling daughter as she grows
this joy of joys
a mother knows".
For our mothers:
To mothers go all hearts and flowers
for loving kindness
at all hours
In our esteem she always towers
happy are we that
are ours!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Now here's their embedded message below - I'm leaving it here so you can see what will happen to you. Pyzam wrote this - I didn't.
On a happier note? I like some of their templates; used one for another blog of mine....it's an 'oh well' conclusion.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Okay, my bear THIGS, said it's time for his own 'space' (now he knows what a blog is).

http://womenonwomenwow1.blogspot.com. THIGS-BEAR took my link to his favorite HONEY SUPPLIER TOO...guess he's forcing me to 'come to visit' - smart bear, isn't he!

I guess THIGS thinks he knows more about what women like to read and look at than I do - oh well, we're still buddies.

I hope you enjoy the music I picked for you; I think THIGS is going to find some of his own as well.


Monday, March 24, 2008


My daugther took this picture - she was feeding birds and shoveling 12 inches of snow on March 8, 2008 - she's a sweetie!
Hey, a post-script: Our security guard walks around at night; looking for noisy music - and other 'unpleasant things'. Guess what - he rang our door-bell and asked where that wonderful music was coming from! My husband said: "My crazy wife; she makes up these play-lists; plays them 24/7 - she's got about 2000 songs put together!"
Security guard says: "Hey, here's my e-mail address; have her send me the links - I love them; sometimes I stand outside your window and just listen - it's great!"
...wonders never cease.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

A MOST INCREDIBLE WEB-SITE; I just can't read French!

Well, thank goodness ART is visible in 'any language'.
Beautiful art; incredible photography - all at this site!
Igor lives in France; had a nice e-mail from him, and obtained his web-site link. To top it all off, he does web-design; a remarkable display of talent. Treat yourself - pay him a visit. Here's his link: http://www.mozaikart.org/
Hello Diane,this is my first visit on your blog and I confront immediately your advertisment of my art, what a wonderfull reception !I promise, I will work on the English version very soon, I will let you know when ready.I am also preparing a new blog which will be on three or four languages (French, English, Hungarian and maybe Polish), it is called Pro Etnicum (http://proetnicum.blogspot.com - not ready !).Concerning the other part of your blog here, let me look around, I see in advance that it is rich of extremly interesting things :)Hope to hear about you soon.

Monday, March 17, 2008


Fortunately for me, I was just 'banging around' on Google; 'buzz words' can get you gems sometimes - I believe I have a 'gem'. I plan on visiting this link a lot! http://casuallogically.blogspot.com.
A most charming family; their family photos and entries are delightful, and very helpful/inspiring! I like to visit this site: http://austinlambs.blogspot.com/
For more great recipes, I love this woman's blog: http://www.leftoverqueen.com/

Saturday, March 15, 2008


I just love Gratefulness.org! Everything is peaceful; focused on global respect and love for each other. I do hope you'll make a visit to this site - I've certainly benefited from its wisdom.
By the way: Where we love to
spend 'spring-time' - Catalina Island; lots of good memories there - more to be
made this year....
Just so I don't forget my favorite point of departure, I'm leaving this information right here. We used to go out of Long Beach, but the traffic is miserable now. San Pedro is difficult - again, traffic and zig-zagging around, so this is the most direct route (and it's only about a 15 minute drive from where we stay at Camp Pendleton)....

Saturday, March 8, 2008



http://www.playlist.com/node/28132075 - My Carnegie Hall music. My mom sent me this picture; mother just beat 'cancer' on 1/20/08 - we're all so happy. Her mom would be about the age of this lady if she'd lived; she died at age 47 - so sad - a wonderful woman (I was given her name as my first name).

If you want this play-list (again, my Carnegie Hall 'wish-list')to 'stand-alone' on your computer tray - play while you're looking at other web-sites, just click this link, and it will 'pop out' at you! Be sure you click 'view', so you can start the 10 hours of beautiful music! Your concert is about to begin right here: http://www.playlist.com/standalone/28132075.

I think of my mother - all my family so often; being
so far away, makes it hard.

I think of my children - all grown up; all
far away as well.....

I come here to 'visit'
my family; some of the photos have been sent to me by the magic of the I-net! I
cherish the technology that lets me visit my family whenever I want to. I
thought maybe you'd like to meet my family too, so I've made a link to my

Today is March 8; it was one of
the most beautiful snow-falls at my daughter's home in Ohio. She quickly sent me
beautiful pictures she'd taken; ever diligent - ever helping me 'see all of
them' as they experience life.

Experience your life; live it - enjoy every minute as this lady of seems to have done - believe you can live to 106 (or more). I think her face is beautiful - I think my grandmother Wilma might have even looked like this.

I'd like you to meet my family:


Sunday, March 2, 2008

I CALL IT 'HEAR'..Healthy Eating Always Rules!

....And the night-wind said to the little Shepherd Boy..."Do you HEAR what I HEAR?"

How many of us are listening to our bodies when they 'speak to us' of our health? How many are ignoring the signals their own body sends out when it's not being fed nutritional food?

I can't live my life to the fullest extent, if I'm ignoring my diet. My body has to 'move' with energy and well-being. Since I live on this earth (I'm not an angel with beautiful wings), I have to know what it takes to make me healthy in this world.

I find the best information for diet; recipes - overall well-being and excellent articles for answering my medical questions and needs. When I need this type of information, I'm usually heading to
http://sparkpeople.com first! They have a complete medical encyclopedia just waiting for my use.

They encourage me to read and learn for my own benefit; they even give me 'spark points' for finding out new information that benefits me! I can plan my menus; learn about nutrition, and share ideas with other members. They are all so up-beat and inspiring individuals. SparkGuy - Chris - he's the young man that started this site - he strives every day to make this web-site better for its 2,000,000 plus members! In fact, I understand Spark People is the 3rd largest web-site that is read daily! Glad to know I'm 'hanging out' with the best!!

In fact, Chris reminds me of "Sparky" Anderson - how many times did this guy take the Cincinnati Reds to the World Series and win? After that, he 'sparked' my favorite base-ball team (Detroit Tigers) - another World Series win!

I also check up with my member-friends at http://about.com. I enjoy my visits here. I've met people from so many parts of the world. I notice how diets can differ. While our foods might vary, I still find such joy in the 'souls' and focused efforts of its many members.

I find new recipes at these links - they are all great! http://allrecipes.com. http://chefmichele.blogspot.com. http://chow.com/recipes. http://cookingchat.blogspot.com. When I want a special recipe for a 'fun holiday', I head on over to http://foodnetwork.com.

Family is important to all of us. I like to update my 'outlook' on all this by checking in with http://familyeducation.com. Another favorite is http://www.kaboose.com.
If I want to pick out an 'angel' for a friend or home, I find beautifully-crafted angels at http://heritagegiftstore.com. I've been on their mailing list for about 3 years - still haven't run out of angels...............

And after I think about angels, I remember that there are many different religions that are all very inspiring. If one is trying to make a 'choice', well I know how I avoid some of that confusion (because I respect each and every religious concept). I just link up to
http://aeu.org . Their focus is on ethics.

Ethics; threaded throughout each and every religion. My bear THIGS agrees. After all, his name stands for Truth, Honor, Integrity, Good Spirit - all the elements of any religion or philosophy that brings a quality life to each who adheres to a few basic principles.
I'm partial to the GOLDEN RULE - simple; direct, and oh so effective!

I know one thing: I need 'spiritual food' to go with my fresh fruit and veggies each day. I cherish the words of Kahlil Gibran and all the words of wisdom he's written in over 40 books. He remains 'alive' years after his writings; here's where I find some of these

I sometimes want ideas; maybe want to know about job opportunities - if not for me, possibly a friend. I like to read http://ideaseller.typepad.com. I read http://ceoconsultant.com/blog. I check out http://enotes.com.

I drink coffee with my husband; watch over his shoulder as he links up to one of his favorite topics
http://earlyaviators.com. Because he was a fighter pilot in Vieg Nam, his lofe of planes and helicopters is constant!

I travel 'around the world' when I 'tune in' to the thousands of photos I find from diligent 'souls' who generously post their photographs on
http://flickr.com. My daughter was asking about Antelope Canyon in Page, Arizona - I simply went to Flickr, and found over 14,000 photographs of this canyon that words can not describe - just a myriad of adjectives that one can use when the word beautiful comes to mind..............

Of course speaking of my daughter, I'm proud of her
and the business she's started - she is so sincere, and diligent; I keep her
web-site here for 'checking in' on what she's up to in Ohio. That spot I so
dearly love, is

Often I decide I need to send a card to friends and family in my
life. I just sent in my $10 annual membership to keep those beautiful cards
handy. Here's that link that I use weekly

This is how I start my life; my day is my life for the moment -
living in the moment means getting the most from every hour. Every hour turns
into another day completed with accomplishment; a night to look forward to a bit
of time to myself - the sun comes up, and I just do 'peat, and repeat' - and
peat never falls out. I do HEAR...................



I know I have to keep current on what's going on in the world of business - that's just part of 'life's program'; definitely in the 21st Century. I guess if one is going to be 'on top of the world', one has to stay on top of the world! Mountains don't have to worry about the daily news; they can enjoy the luxury of keeping their heads in the clouds..........

I've loved Business Week and Washington Post for so many years, I can't even venture a guess as to how many old publications I've saved from years of subscriptions and my 'pack-rat' capabilities.

Now I'm happy I can link right to them. I usually read the latest in business, so I go to Business week:

I move on over to the Washington Post @
http://washingtonpost.com. After I've spent about 45 minutes reading these two web-sites, I think I'm allowed a visit to something on a lighter note. Light - fun, and always a conversation with my husband comes from a topic or fact I've read at Snopes. Yes, Snopes is fun; full of information - try this if you want to find something you might debate with your family, or a friend: http://snopes.com.

http://www.hbofilms.johnadams.com/index2.html - this is the link I use when I do have to 'think serious', I use this link to get vital information about our country's polices:

I enjoy updating my family history - and chatting with people like Mr. Beatty; a distant Rambow relative. Meet up with someone you might be related to at http://rootsweb.com.

Inspiring quotes? I like
http://notable-quotes.com. I like the wisdom in the multitude of quotes I locate at http://brainyquotes.com. I so enjoy fun poetry; this is in abundance at http://funnypoets.com.

I like reading books. I have two favorites links for that. One is http://bartelby.com/. Then if I have time, I read another selection from
http://books.google.com. and enjoy some music at the same time.

Music? http://www.playlist.com/static/user/20509435.html.

Soon I'll finish up my day, and head for some of my more relaxing web-sites!



When I feel I've crossed off my list of THINGS TO DO with a measure of success; my family is settled for the night, and I need to just 'relax', then I go to the links I've created, for music, music, music!

After I make my selection from one of my play-lists, I now have about eight hours of non-stop melodies that I can relax with.

I close that play-list; the music keeps playing, and I 'double-back' here to start looking at all the art links I've created.

I usually read a few more poems; finish another chapter of a book I'm reading on-line (through the Google on-line books link), and avoid the television since I don't like paying for movies (too costly); don't like paying for extra cable services when I don't get to pick my own 'programs'.

I'd say I'm kind of picky......but this is what
works for me in
my life. If you're 'picky', take your
'pick' - or make up a
blog-spot of your very own - tell me about it, and
I'll come to visit!

Here's what I pick for my music: http://playlist.com/static/user/20509435.
If you've got laundry to do; late-night lunches to
prepare, then go for the 'Loud and Crazy' listing (this will get your energy
fired up). Hey, the kids might even like this track - they might even help pack
the lunches for the next week or so!

When I want art, well I first
go to the bottom portion of my blog where my favorite artist's pictures and
links are listed. Once I've visited their pages, I choose
http://illusionsgallery.com. I simply love to look at all the works of art Joyce
has to offer.

When I just want to browse
and 'dream', I go to
I love
Then I head over to a couple more - my computer has 'bogged' down by now; my
eyes are tired, so I take a break and have some tea.
Tea time - eyes are tired now.

Friday, February 15, 2008

This Pretty Lady is from Illusions Art Gallery; thank you, Joyce.

Hi there! Boy, I'm so glad you
showed up to visit. I've got some of the most beautiful music; poetry, and
peaceful links that will let you just relax, and enjoy

SERENE play-list of 100 songs; for that Sunday morning when you wake up early -
the birds are at the feeder,
and you bring in the cool air along with the
smell of Carnations or Lilacs.
If you'll
just click
here, you'll enjoy 100 songs (or pick your own from the play-list). I
to just 'let them play' in order; it lasts for about 4 to 5 hours - we have
breakfast late; and by the time the sun is setting a bit, we've enjoyed
the entire day.
There's a little surprise
waiting for you when you open this link. Not only will you get to select your
own music, but there's an adorable little lady waiting for you. She was born on
9/11/07 - she watches over the music.
When you click the link,
you'll meet: "Bella". With her tiny hands folded, she'll be asking:..."and
may I help you"? I think she knows the names of all the songs - at least
certainly looks as if she could answer any question you might
think her favorite song is Malaguena - it's the last one on
the list.
She's partial to Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring and Ave
Bella definitely is a music
lover - she's the appointed 'care-taker' of all things
I really had fun today; printing out my FREE SHEET MUSIC! My link is on the left; Sheet Music Fox.com.
Also, I have another great lady to
introduce; she sings as beautifully as that demure lady with the Carnation
looks! Yes - that painting makes me think of Sarah Brightman, so here's one of
my favorite
melodies - you can open it up; put it in your computer 'tray', and
enjoy it throughout the day. To get the song, just....
Click http://maidensheart.tripod.com/scarfair.mp3. - then diminish the
window so you can come back, and gaze on this painting a bit

Thanks to the kindness of
Joyce at Illusions Gallery, I've been allowed to put the prettiest
picture of a gracious and lovely woman at the very top of the page. This lady
reminds me of Sarah Brightman. I've seen Ms. Brightman in concert - she always
is surrounded by fragrant flowers as well.
You'll find Joyce's link and
gallery on the left - under the title Illusions!
All the links are
alphabetical to make it easy to find. I hope you'll take a minute to select some you like.
For the delightful sounds of
the forest:
For the cool, calming sounds of the

For the
peaceful piano music of winter:

For the ethereal sounds of space, and
the beauty of the various planets and moon:

Now: While that plays, go to http://wonderofitall.com. Are you enjoying all of this like I am? I hope so.........

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Let me WELCOME YOU - to a beautiful art-piece & music!

By permission of the owner (Joyce), who is also listed on the left-hand side of my 'blog-home', under ILLUSIONS, I think you'll 'gasp' when you see the beauty of this angel!

Joyce has thousands of prints; from the old masters to
the current. I was able to get her approval for uploading this particular
painting, for all of you to enjoy!

Joyce's address is: Illusions Gallery, 122 Lee Street, Carrollton, GA 30117.

You can enjoy her beautiful collection through this link - I spend hours looking at her latest additions to the enormous collection she already has. Speaking of looking, how about listening and looking! This seems to go so well with 'any angel' you might encounter during your day. Try:

I don't publish her prices because I don't represent her; just appreciate all that she's done, to bring nominally-priced prints of some of the most beautiful original pieces of art, to the homes of those who could never afford an 'original' (including me).
The Illusions Gallery, and Joyce - thank you so much.


Saturday, February 9, 2008

Envision: Computer, Mouse, and slightly over-weight tired Lady....

I'm sorry I forgot to save that cartoon so you could see it.
So - envision that over-weight woman; staring at her computer - she's got her
hand on her wire-less mouse; the caption reads:

Lose five pounds - just click your mouse 6,000,000 times! Aha - well I guess I've kept slender for 65 years because I've either been chasing a mouse - or clicking my wire-less mouse at least 6,000,000,000,000 times. The downside? I've killed a lot of AA batteries (Duracell loves me).

I'm so glad you came to visit.

In fact, if you'd like to read the card I've left for you, click one - and then again after the picture loads, and turn up your sound. Here it is:

"I woke up this morning"...who remembers Boston? Who remembers the Who!

When you visit here, I hope you'll feel as at home as I do. I just love music; all kinds. I've created a 'place' where there's nothing but music, art, poetry, links to recipes - family living/ideas on how to help your children in this somewhat disrupting world (at times).

I've brought a few friends along; their links - the kind of friends who'll make you smile, as they make me happy also. Young people in some cases; the future leaders and inspirational spirits that I remember trying to be myself.

I've included a picture of a
new great grand child (down this page) - my how the years have passed. Being

sixty five - feeling so alive; that's how I picked my 'moniker' and the name of
my web-site.
A friend of mine reminded me
how it had 'sparked' her memor of the movie Short Circuit. Johnny-five-alive; so
I ordered the DVD of both Short Circuit, and Short Circuit II. I'd seen it
several times years ago - this week, we watched it 3 times - it's as charming
now, as before.
So many of the scenes have you
laughing; some have you crying as dear Johnny-five tries to avoid being
'disassembled' (made dead). In Short Circuit II, Johnny has another 'adventure'
- and nearly dies in this movie...but, of course, is
My favorite
movies similar to this, are ET - loving something that isn't as loveable to look
at, as you might think at first. Yet, both Johnny Five and ET have such
exceptional personalities; such kindness - it reminds me we all love the SPIRIT
of the person - what they look like has little to do with anything in life,
My favorite character in Star
Wars is Yoda - his wisdom; his understanding - his patience, but he is not any
George Clooney or Clark Gable, now is he!
When you go back in time, to
the old movies - The Hunchback of Notre Dame - do we all feel love and
compassion for this 'character'? Of course we do - again, we see his plight, and
our hearts go out to him.
Do we see the heart-break of
the 'monster' created by Dr. Frankenstein? We can even feel like that 'monster'
on those days we're looking into the mirror - we simply don't feel as if we 'fit
in'. We view our 'scars' as ugly - they're not. We think we're not 'perfect' -
no one is.
We seek cosmetic surgery if
we have the funds for it - and why? We're trying to capture a 'youth' - yet, it
is how we ACT that will be 'youthful' as well as
Haven't we rejoiced at such
characters as 'Granny' on the 'Beverly Hillbillies'?? Wasn't it her spunk; her
zest, and her wit that charmed us?
How about the Golden Girls - all 3 were special,
yet 'Ma' seemed to catch my eye and heart more often than
Carol Burnett made us laugh
at the character she created - the woman that wielded the mop in those late
hours! How fun we had as we could 'relate' to her; and think of all those who
are willing to work those late, long hours to make our hotels and office
buildings so clean and bright when we come to work the next
Vicki Lawrence - 'MaMa' - now
that's a show (and a character) I go bonkers for! Again, she 'steals' the show
with her wit; her tenacity, and for speaking the truth - no matter how it might

This place won't have those 'pop-ups' driving
you buggy. This place won't have any bad or shocking news. This place
won't make you feel anything but 'empowered' by the wisdom of the quotes; the needed information that makes you more confident
to handle your day - just as it does me.

This place will let you link to some science; some people who are providing good services and information in the business world - ideas that you can utilize if you're in the work-place.

For me, being retired, I thought about that saying: Twice Tired - tired once from working; tired twice from not working! So, I had to make a REAL 'home-page' no more 'bad-news' bears for me. And speaking of bears, my story of my bear (THIGS) will talk 'happy talk', as he takes the both of us back to the time when he was as active as I was.

This site isn't going to be broken into 'pages' - archived entries that make you have to click here and there. It's going to be just one 'long' list of memories for me; one nice place to skip from link-to-link finding all the beautiful things one needs to relax; unwind - or even 'wind up' for the day.

How do I wind up? Well, I link
http://search.playlist.com/ - type in Boston; get their
"More Than
A Feeling", and they start singing......yup - "I woke up this

And speaking of morning: If you like religious and spiritual music, start your day with Ave Maria or Amazing Grace.
All the music is at your finger-tips; just know the name of the song. If you want to select by an artist, or musical group, do it that way.
For my dearest
friend, Shirley - well LeAnn Rimes does have 62 beautiful songs (including
Amazing Grace), and although you had trouble with the connection, do remember
that you need to have other computer activities shut down, to insure the best
When you
e-mailed me about the problem, I checked this out tonight; my goodness, how she
can sing! I had the most wonderful time going through 20 of her 62 songs, and
with your voice, my dear, I can hear you across the miles as you sing with her.
I do hope Jim is doing better; that the music will calm you through those late
nights after you come home from the hospital. Give it another 'go' - and send my
love to him; as my love goes to you right now!

Are you older than me? Hooray - that's good; more gray hairs to enjoy. Well then you might enjoy the music of Mantovani - Blue Spanish Eyes; Fascination, or Beautiful Dreamer.

Whoops, did you get this far,
and Sarah Brightman ended her song? Did you click her music when you started

Do you have
the meditation room's sounds of water or the forest playing for you now?
Boy, music and the sounds of nature sure go together great, don't

Okay, then here's that link to
Sarah again:

DO YOU WANT CLASSICAL TO START YOUR DAY? Sometimes I just want to 'be soothed' - okay, this is a 24/7 on-line broadcast - all you do is 'click', and then select your preferred way of listening on line.

To the left of their page, notice the ON-LINE LISTENING TAB. Click, and choose either the high-speed (I have cable, so this is what I use), or dial-up (for those who use their telephone to get their I-net service). Enjoy - as I am now: http://wguc.org/listen/streams.asp.

If you're seventyone&still fun, enjoy that trip down memory lane that's longer than mine; shorter than our kids who just haven't gotten that far yet.

Hey, make it a game of NAME THAT TUNE - as the
song starts up, have your hubby or kids try to guess the name of the song since
they can't see what you typed in! Get away from that television set, and have
some good old time family fun!

Just remember Boston's words...I
woke up this morning - be ever so glad you did!

You have
another day - the 'rest of your life', as they say. Enjoy it with good health;
proper eating - music, and feel calm before you head out into the 'real world'.

Someone asked once: "Is my life over with?"
Answer back was: "Not if you're still breathing...."

Breathe - relax, and welcome to 'this place'.