A special ROSE has helped me to do a better job on showing you my family's slide-show.

A special ROSE has helped me to do a better job on showing you my family's slide-show.
Unfortunatly this blog doesn't show the viewing screen full-width. However, I've got a full screen version for you if you'll just click onto this Rose. The Rose will transport you to my blog called 'All Happy Talk'. This blog was created for those who have young children; who want ideas - who enjoy creating happy times with their children and family. If you'll click the Rose, you'll go through 'space'. When you get there, take 1 to 2 seconds to scroll to the bottom of that much shorter 'blog', and you'll see the beautiful pictures; and relax among the grassy lawn I've put there for you. After the first 4 songs on 'All Happy Talk', the rest of the 90 melodies are what I use to relax with; often to fall asleep to. I hope you enjoy your visit here, and there. Diane

I'm glad you came to visit! My children welcome you. Enjoy the music & the photo-show.

Friday, February 15, 2008

This Pretty Lady is from Illusions Art Gallery; thank you, Joyce.

Hi there! Boy, I'm so glad you
showed up to visit. I've got some of the most beautiful music; poetry, and
peaceful links that will let you just relax, and enjoy

SERENE play-list of 100 songs; for that Sunday morning when you wake up early -
the birds are at the feeder,
and you bring in the cool air along with the
smell of Carnations or Lilacs.
If you'll
just click
here, you'll enjoy 100 songs (or pick your own from the play-list). I
to just 'let them play' in order; it lasts for about 4 to 5 hours - we have
breakfast late; and by the time the sun is setting a bit, we've enjoyed
the entire day.
There's a little surprise
waiting for you when you open this link. Not only will you get to select your
own music, but there's an adorable little lady waiting for you. She was born on
9/11/07 - she watches over the music.
When you click the link,
you'll meet: "Bella". With her tiny hands folded, she'll be asking:..."and
may I help you"? I think she knows the names of all the songs - at least
certainly looks as if she could answer any question you might
think her favorite song is Malaguena - it's the last one on
the list.
She's partial to Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring and Ave
Bella definitely is a music
lover - she's the appointed 'care-taker' of all things
I really had fun today; printing out my FREE SHEET MUSIC! My link is on the left; Sheet Music Fox.com.
Also, I have another great lady to
introduce; she sings as beautifully as that demure lady with the Carnation
looks! Yes - that painting makes me think of Sarah Brightman, so here's one of
my favorite
melodies - you can open it up; put it in your computer 'tray', and
enjoy it throughout the day. To get the song, just....
Click http://maidensheart.tripod.com/scarfair.mp3. - then diminish the
window so you can come back, and gaze on this painting a bit

Thanks to the kindness of
Joyce at Illusions Gallery, I've been allowed to put the prettiest
picture of a gracious and lovely woman at the very top of the page. This lady
reminds me of Sarah Brightman. I've seen Ms. Brightman in concert - she always
is surrounded by fragrant flowers as well.
You'll find Joyce's link and
gallery on the left - under the title Illusions!
All the links are
alphabetical to make it easy to find. I hope you'll take a minute to select some you like.
For the delightful sounds of
the forest:
For the cool, calming sounds of the

For the
peaceful piano music of winter:

For the ethereal sounds of space, and
the beauty of the various planets and moon:

Now: While that plays, go to http://wonderofitall.com. Are you enjoying all of this like I am? I hope so.........

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