A special ROSE has helped me to do a better job on showing you my family's slide-show.

A special ROSE has helped me to do a better job on showing you my family's slide-show.
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Sunday, March 2, 2008


I know I have to keep current on what's going on in the world of business - that's just part of 'life's program'; definitely in the 21st Century. I guess if one is going to be 'on top of the world', one has to stay on top of the world! Mountains don't have to worry about the daily news; they can enjoy the luxury of keeping their heads in the clouds..........

I've loved Business Week and Washington Post for so many years, I can't even venture a guess as to how many old publications I've saved from years of subscriptions and my 'pack-rat' capabilities.

Now I'm happy I can link right to them. I usually read the latest in business, so I go to Business week:

I move on over to the Washington Post @
http://washingtonpost.com. After I've spent about 45 minutes reading these two web-sites, I think I'm allowed a visit to something on a lighter note. Light - fun, and always a conversation with my husband comes from a topic or fact I've read at Snopes. Yes, Snopes is fun; full of information - try this if you want to find something you might debate with your family, or a friend: http://snopes.com.

http://www.hbofilms.johnadams.com/index2.html - this is the link I use when I do have to 'think serious', I use this link to get vital information about our country's polices:

I enjoy updating my family history - and chatting with people like Mr. Beatty; a distant Rambow relative. Meet up with someone you might be related to at http://rootsweb.com.

Inspiring quotes? I like
http://notable-quotes.com. I like the wisdom in the multitude of quotes I locate at http://brainyquotes.com. I so enjoy fun poetry; this is in abundance at http://funnypoets.com.

I like reading books. I have two favorites links for that. One is http://bartelby.com/. Then if I have time, I read another selection from
http://books.google.com. and enjoy some music at the same time.

Music? http://www.playlist.com/static/user/20509435.html.

Soon I'll finish up my day, and head for some of my more relaxing web-sites!


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