A special ROSE has helped me to do a better job on showing you my family's slide-show.

A special ROSE has helped me to do a better job on showing you my family's slide-show.
Unfortunatly this blog doesn't show the viewing screen full-width. However, I've got a full screen version for you if you'll just click onto this Rose. The Rose will transport you to my blog called 'All Happy Talk'. This blog was created for those who have young children; who want ideas - who enjoy creating happy times with their children and family. If you'll click the Rose, you'll go through 'space'. When you get there, take 1 to 2 seconds to scroll to the bottom of that much shorter 'blog', and you'll see the beautiful pictures; and relax among the grassy lawn I've put there for you. After the first 4 songs on 'All Happy Talk', the rest of the 90 melodies are what I use to relax with; often to fall asleep to. I hope you enjoy your visit here, and there. Diane

I'm glad you came to visit! My children welcome you. Enjoy the music & the photo-show.

Saturday, April 5, 2008


Loving this 'blog' stuff - great way to take some of those favorite book-marks, and 'share' with others. My newest blog is a 'challenge' - I like challenges. I'll add to that one when I get time - too much 'blogging' takes me away from getting outside; traveling, and doing other things that don't involve sitting at a computer.

Another challenge? Trying to
cram as many photos as I can into one 'place'. This is me, my husband -
and my son; his wife - 2 of my many grand-children...squint,

Another challenge - each TUESDAY
AFTERNOON - not really a 'challenge', I guess when I decided to feature a few of
Robin Urton's beautiful art pieces. It's definitely not hard
I'm reading how other people enjoy their retirement - here's a lady who's having fun:
"There's A Place For Us" - not the song from West-Side Story, but a site all ready for us 'older folk':
In fact, I'm heading 'over the hill' to read some of the 'bloggers' now.....
Oh yes - and I found another interesting link - it tells me about any incident (such as a fire in our state; any type of 'threat' that is helpful, at this link. You can enter your state; your location - and get the same information about your immediate area. Pretty nifty - makes me feel even better when I wonder about things such as the fire we missed by about 24 hours, in the Grand Canyon this past week.


moneythoughts said...

Hi Diane,

Thanks for visiting my blog.

I checked out the web site getrichslowly.org, but did not get to the date you wrote me about. I did read some of the site and it looks like a self help web site for personal finance.

I am not into writing a self help personal finance blog as there are many already out there. My interest is the economy, financial markets, oil and gas prices, etc. Some times I write in general terms about stock picking and bonds and picking mutual funds.

If you have a question, I will be happy to read it and see if I can answer it or recommend where you may find an answer.

I noticed you wrote a little about Sparky Anderson. Did you live in Cincinnati at one time? I got to see a good number of games in the 1970's when the Big Red Machine was in action. Those were some great years for baseball in Cincy.

P.S. you list a number of interesting sites. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Glad I could point you to the "Not Over The Hill" site.