A special ROSE has helped me to do a better job on showing you my family's slide-show.

A special ROSE has helped me to do a better job on showing you my family's slide-show.
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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Art & Music - Leaving the Scene & Eyeconart.net!

New friend! New Links! The group Leaving the Scene lets me listen to 25 minutes
from their latest performances; a little like hearing Heart with some Led
Zeppelin mixed in (and not too loud either).
I was so impressed by Rayn; lead singer, and author of the
many songs they perform. All that talent; up in Portland, Oregon - right where
my dear friend (Robin) also lives. I do wish I could zip up to Portland right
now; what a great time I'd be having as I'd visit both of them!
Enjoy the music of LEAVING THE SCENE - you can choose from a
variety of their songs; I ordered my CD of their latest release through LIFO
records - pretty darned reasonable in cost, for such a great group!

Robin's Eyeconart is soothing and dreamy. http://www.eyeconart.net/. My links start my day great;
keep me going until I hit the sack - sometimes exhausted, but never wanting for
music; art, poetry, some funny quotes - some inspiring quotes, and a few
suggestions for good family living. I like to look at Robin's art, and listen to
the beautiful music at
http://wguc.org/listen/streams.asp. Classical music and
beautiful art just 'go together'.

One of the most beautiful paintings I've
ever seen is by Robin Urton - her BUDDHA BEING (copyright protected) welcomes me
each morning; I have them on blank greeting cards - love sending them to my
friends. If the magic of my computer will allow an 'upload', it just might
appear here as well. I'd love to see them on pendants - maybe Robin already has
done that...hmmm - better link up to her site, and see if she has.
Okay, the magic computer has performed!
It's nice to have my simple words flanked by Robin's art, and a beautiful
picture painted by Mom-Nature.
Oh yes, and why did I also enjoy my visit to Robin's site? Dear Robin; she's created one of
the best ART HISTORY 'tab's, I've found.
I can view by the Art Period; suddenly
I'm in a gallery - 'back in time', and thanks to the dialog she's
provided, I can learn about those pieces of art; the well-known artists, without
having to struggle finding it elsewhere.
Thank you, Robin - what a great day I had some months ago,
when I also 'came to visit' you!
Okay, so you're not done 'gazing' at fine art? There's
more up on the left-hand side of this 'blog' home of mine.
If you'd like to read and look a bit more, then try: http://www.artic.edu/.
By the time you're done with this, I'm sure your tea
will be cold; it's time go get away from the computer - or get those e-mails
cleared that have backed up while you were 'browsing'.
Whoops - my timer has gone off;
the sheets are tangled again - the roast is done, and it's time for dinner!
Gotta run.............

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