A special ROSE has helped me to do a better job on showing you my family's slide-show.

A special ROSE has helped me to do a better job on showing you my family's slide-show.
Unfortunatly this blog doesn't show the viewing screen full-width. However, I've got a full screen version for you if you'll just click onto this Rose. The Rose will transport you to my blog called 'All Happy Talk'. This blog was created for those who have young children; who want ideas - who enjoy creating happy times with their children and family. If you'll click the Rose, you'll go through 'space'. When you get there, take 1 to 2 seconds to scroll to the bottom of that much shorter 'blog', and you'll see the beautiful pictures; and relax among the grassy lawn I've put there for you. After the first 4 songs on 'All Happy Talk', the rest of the 90 melodies are what I use to relax with; often to fall asleep to. I hope you enjoy your visit here, and there. Diane

I'm glad you came to visit! My children welcome you. Enjoy the music & the photo-show.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Ron said...


Beautiful! You have a gorgeous family. The music is perfect. Thanks for sharing.

lisa marie said...

How pretty! And I love the slideshow of your family! They're all lovely. :)

Your other blog is full of beautiful photos too. :) You live in a great area. I haven't explored much of NV.

Sandie said...

Diane, Thanks for sharing. Your family is lovely, the pictures beautiful and the music inspiring.
Thanks, Sandie

Anonymous said...

It's an incredible slide show, and I'm amazed at all the blogs you maintain so beautifully.

You're one talented lady.

Anonymous said...

My daughter referred me to your blog, and it is as amazing as she said it was. I love it! I wish more were as happy as yours is.

I love the artists, and they are extremely talented! Sissy

Carlos Macaspac said...

beautfiul as always! I love the picture.It reminds me of so many good memories.


Maybe I should check the comments once in a while...how nice to read these comments!



I've had quite a few e-mails asking about the post cards.

I have a small collection; these are some of my favorites.

Others have asked about Ralph Waldo Emerson. Yes, he was my grand-father's great uncle; my mom's great great(or grand) uncle, and my great, great, great great uncle (or grand - however the term goes).

My great grandmother Grace's mother was Harriet Emerson Durkee (the Durkee foods industry). I think that gives anyone the 'update' on that one.

I really like my http://billytipton.blogspot.com since that was pretty much started after meeting Ron Tipton (his comment and pictures appears here). Give that a try for some nice jazz music.

Thank you again for your e-mails. Diane

My grandpa's mom was


Whoops, sorry about the previous post - some 'stray words'...guess I should proof-read first.

lisaschaos said...

Of course I remember you Diane. :) Have been anxiously waiting for you to post again. :)

Shreyas said...

Great picture thanks for sharing keep it up.

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Many thanks to those of you who've placed your comments here.

I doubt I'll be adding to this particular blog; I have others that are now more of my own interest and pursuit of what I really want to share with others.

To me, this blog was a special one for my family; close friends, and to share links and thoughts about what makes me happy - what keeps me inspired, and hopefully will do the same for you as well.

Happy 2010 - Diane